Singapore Self Storage Cost Guide

Explore the various factors that influence self storage costs in Singapore and how to choose the best unit for your needs.

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By Space Next Door

Have you ever looked at self storage costs in Singapore and thought ‘Why are the prices for these similar services so different?’ There are a number of factors that influence self storage prices in Singapore. First, there are the basics, such as size and climate control. Next, there are issues like security of the facility, hours and ease of accessibility, location within our island nation and more.

If you know exactly what you want and don’t mind paying a premium, the process of securing a self storage unit in Singapore is fairly easy. But, if you are not sure of your needs or want to compare self storage prices to get the best value for your money (and who can blame you?), the choices can easily become overwhelming. Who wants to spend their days tied up with sales team callbacks, facility tours, contract reading and convoluted pricing schemes?

As Singaporeans and self storage customers ourselves, we recognised these issues and sought to alleviate them when we launched Space Next Door. With us, instead of doing all the research on self storage costs yourself, we’ve done it for you. We’re a space aggregator that allows our customers to choose easily from the best selection of self storage facilities in Singapore. With a wide range of sizes, prices and locations, you can easily find the perfect choice for your self storage budget and needs. Even better? We’re the only platform that allows you to make a detailed comparison, choose your unit and pay for it – completely online.

Self storage prices in Singapore

Most self storage in Singapore is rented at a certain rate per square foot (sq ft). There is no exact formula for how companies arrive at this number. The management simply weighs up the benefits of their services and arrives at a figure that becomes their self storage price, likely keeping in mind that they need to choose rates that are not too much higher than their competitors.

The variables that might weigh into this calculation of self storage costs include: location, accessibility via public transport, whether there is staff on premises to assist you, what hours customers can visit the facility, temperature control inside your unit and whether or not the facility offers remote control and mobile app access.

The fastest and easiest way to compare self storage prices is to look at the total cost quoted and divide by the number of sq ft you are renting. That way, you can easily see the price breakdown as you enquire about self storage units in Singapore.

Ask about what’s included, don’t assume

Every self storage facility in Singapore may not offer the same amenities. Be sure to ask if moving, packing and unpacking is included. Other items that may or may not be included in your self storage pricing could be packing materials, locks and other extras.

Fortunately, the law in Singapore dictates that every self storage renter must be insured, so that will be one worry off your mind!

Space Next Door offers great self storage prices

Since Space Next Door is mostly a self storage aggregator, we have it all. We partner with facilities of all kinds in locations around Singapore from basic, unmanned units to sophisticated, climate controlled buildings with 24/7 staffed access and mobile app control. Our insurance premiums are minimal while still providing all the protection you need.

Whether you are simply tucking away winter jackets and boots during the summer or storing fine wine, precious artifacts and antiques, we have the perfect space for you. Focus on Space Next Door for easy self storage pricing, unit comparison, choice and options that meet everyone’s needs.

Let us prove to you how simple booking storage can be. Book with us now!

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