How To Store Wine In Self Storage

Follow these 5 tips to preserve the taste and aroma of your wine in self storage.

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By Space Next Door

Owning an extravagant wine cellar might be your life-long dream, but if you haven’t got the space don’t let it dull your sommelier spirit. Age your bottles gracefully while avoiding dry corks, freezing, premature aging, and loss of taste and aroma with these 5 tips for wine self storage.

1. Avoid light

UV rays can cause premature aging in wine and dry out the cork, enabling oxygen to enter the bottle and spoil the taste. To avoid this, opt for a wine storage space without windows and store your wine away from the door.

2. Maintain the right temperature and humidity

Wine should be stored between 11 and 14°C (52-57°F). Humidity must also be controlled, especially in self storage in Singapore where highly humid conditions (above 80%) can cause condensation and mould. Too little humidity (below 50%), however, can lead to cracked corks. To maintain optimal temperature and humidity, opt for a temperature controlled storage space or install a wine refrigerator.

3. Store bottles on their side

Storing wine bottles on their side not only increases space, it also stops the corks from becoming dry, prevents deposits gathering at the base of the bottles, and ensures an airtight seal.

4. Minimize movement

When wine is moved or disturbed it ages, causing loss of aroma and flavour. It is therefore best to store your wine somewhere that will not be subject to vibrations – basement storage is ideal. Store bottles label-up so you don’t need to disturb them to see what’s inside.

5. Find the perfect unit

If you’re seeking easy self storage in Singapore, trust Space Next Door to find you the perfect unit for your wine. Contact us for more information or book now to secure your ideal wine storage space today.

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