Moving Into Self Storage: What You Need To Know

From selecting the perfect self storage in Singapore to handy self storage tips, this moving guide covers everything you need to know.

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By Space Next Door

What to look for in a self storage space

You’ve already waded through your possessions and carefully packed them for self storage. Now it’s time to find self storage in Singapore that ticks all the boxes. Here are a few things to know about self storage to help you select the right unit:

  • Location – Weigh up costs and convenience: Finding a storage unit close to your home will save a lot of time and money when moving, but it may be more expensive than a unit further away.
  • Accessibility – If you are moving large or heavy items, you should avoid storage units with staircases, narrow entrance ways or other inaccessible features. It’s also important to consider the usage rules of the unit – can you access it on demand or are there restrictions?
  • Security – If you plan to put precious or expensive items in your self storage space, opt for a secure, access-controlled unit that has CCTV and is guarded or alarmed.
  • Size – To choose the right sized unit, you’ll need a good idea of which items you plan to store before you secure your self storage space.
  • Climate control – Self storage in Singapore can be subject to extreme heat and humidity. If you plan to store temperature-sensitive goods such as wine, leather, wooden furniture, or electronics, choose an indoor, temperature-controlled unit to prevent damage.
  • Price – Before settling on a unit, shop around for the best deal. If you are storing items long-term, you may be eligible for a discount.
  • Reviews – To avoid issues like damp, poor security or lack of accessibility, check customer reviews online before settling on a storage space.

How to move into self storage

Once you’ve found an easy self storage space, you’ll need to plan the logistics of moving. Here are some key considerations.

DIY vs moving company

Unless you have your own vehicle, you’ll need to either rent a truck or enlist a moving service, such as Lalamove. Besides the obvious stress-saving benefits, there are many reasons to use a professional moving service. They will have the right equipment to move heavy items safely, as well as a selection of vehicles capable of transporting large and heavy goods. They will also be able to help you with loading and unloading, and some even provide insurance cover for any breakages that occur in transit.

To ensure everything goes smoothly, prepare all paperwork, such as your contract and insurance, in advance. Clearly label fragile items and give your moving service directions for unloading; for example, if you require easy access to certain items, ask for them to be stored close to the entrance of the storage space. Finally, avoid getting stuck in traffic by moving outside of the weekday rush hours (7:30-10am and 5-8pm).

Selecting the right vehicle

Whether you need a small pick-up truck or a 20-footer will depend on the items you are moving. Confirm the type, dimensions and load capacity of the vehicle in advance to make sure your items will fit. Before you book, also check that the vehicle adheres to the clearance heights, widths and parking restrictions of your chosen storage facility.

For more self storage tips, check out our blog on packing and moving home appliances.

Looking for easy self storage in Singapore?

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