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There are so many reasons for using self-storage, from decluttering and renovations to hobbies and inventory. We have number of different sizes and features available in our facilities - read more to help you decide the right size for you!

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By Anabel Ang

There are many reasons for using self-storage, from decluttering and renovations to hobbies and inventory; each and every customer has a unique purpose for using these spaces. So we have number of different sizes and features available in our portfolio of facilities - we want to provide you with the very best and widest choice of storage units in Singapore!

As you pay per square foot, it’s important that you choose the right size for you that easily fits your belongings, and serves your purposes but doesn’t have wasted space leftover (unless you wish to keep adding to it!).

So let us guide you through each unit and suggest what you could keep in each one:

Lockers - 4 - 16 sq ft

These are our smallest spaces and are non-walk in units. They are convenient places where you can leave some overspill and clutter from your home that is not needed on a daily basis. Store luggage in-between trips, old baby items that you might need again, or University books at the end of term.

XXS - 4 - 16 sq ft

Our most compact walk-in units are a great option for those who need to store seasonal items such as a winter wardrobe, some boxes, or small pieces of furniture such as chairs, and floor lamps, bedside tables.

XS - 17 - 25 sq ft

If you need to make some space in your spare room to make way for a relative or guest, this unit is perfect to home some of the contents of a single bedroom. Clear out wardrobe space, store a desk and some furniture, or leave excess luggage here. Alternatively, if you can house your hobbies here, from wood work to cosplay!

S - 25 - 50sq ft

If you’re redecorating your small spare room, there is no need to clutter up the rest of your apartment with the contents. Use this unit to keep your items clean, safe, and paint and dust-free until you’re ready to move them back in.

M - 51 - 100 sq ft

Moving home is stressful at the best of times, so use this space to store some items from a one or two-bedroom apartment to keep them out of the way as you organise your new home. This space is also useful for small businesses to keep their inventory without the need to rent a warehouse.

L - 101 - 200 sq ft

Great for storing items from a one or two-bedroom apartment, this unit is great for when you’re renovating. Remove your stuff so there is no danger of it being damaged. You can also use it for office furniture if you have downsized, are doing hybrid working, or are updating your office.

XL - 201 - 300 sq ft

A huge space, this is perfect for commercial enterprises that need to house a lot of inventory. You could use shelving to keep your inventory organised and it’s also a great unit for bulky inventory, such as furniture or machines.

XXL - 301 - 1000sq ft

Incredibly versatile, this unit can house a variety of different items depending on your requirements. Ideal for medium-sized businesses, you can keep an overflow of furniture, merchandise and other miscellaneous stuff that you no longer need access to on a daily basis. It can facilitate big moves too if you are in need of somewhere to house machinery or equipment.

If you're still undecided, have a chat with our team or use our size estimator to help decide which size is right for you:


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