New facility: SND Bedok

As the demand for self storage keeps rising, we are continuing to expand our self storage portfolio to bring storage space to every part of Singapore by adding a new facility in Bedok to our locations.

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SND Bedok (11 Bedok North Avenue 4, S489949), is the latest in a number of new facilities, with SND Bartley and SND Kranji recently opening, and is in the east of the island. Nestled within the Bedok North industrial area, it is bordered by Simei and Bedok North enclaves and is the first SND self storage facility to serve these areas.

For residents and businesses in the area, the facility has 99 storage units ranging from 26 to 181 sqft, making it ideal for the plethora of needs. For businesses, the units could house inventory, surplus furniture, or archived documents. With the swift rise of e-commerce, self storage offers a flexible, affordable solution for entrepreneurs, especially as many of these businesses are side jobs where product fulfillment takes place after work hours. We have also seen a rise in companies setting up their head offices in Singapore since the end of the pandemic, with many expat employees moving to the country and often requiring a place to store some belongings.

Meanwhile, residents can utilise the units for a number of uses. With costs getting higher, many people are downsizing and in need of somewhere to keep their excess belongings. With 24/7 access and a variety of sizes, self storage can accommodate items that no longer fit in the new premises but may still need to be accessible. If renovations are planned, self storage can a provide a secure place to keep your furniture out of the way of dust and dirt. Additionally, the spaces are great for hobbyists and collectors to store possessions if they’re taking up room in their homes. For those working from home or hybrid working, decluttering the space and storing items that you don’t need regularly.

For ultimate convenience, Expo MRT and Tanah MRT stations are only four and five minutes away, respectively. There are also bus stops at Upper Changi Road and Bedok North Avenue in front of the building, and for drivers, SND Bedok is accessible from the PIE and neighbouring by-roads with onsite parking available.

The facility itself has all the usual Space Next Door amenities, including CCTV, security, 24-hr access, trolley, and step ladder, and there are also virtual reality walkthroughs so that the units can be viewed remotely. A bonus feature is the rooftop, where the surroundings and skylines can be enjoyed from a high vantage point.

Bedok itself is an adventurous part of the country, with many outdoorsy activities. With a treetop obstacle course, skate park and fishing at Bedok reservoir there’s plenty of adrenaline-fuelled fun. For more low-key recreational entertainment, take in the sunset at Bedok Jetty or find a quiet corner to read a book in Bedok Public Library

How can self storage help you?

Clear space by decluttering

Space in Singaporean homes is becoming more restricted and our habits have changed rapidly, so clearing out items that aren’t needed daily can help to create a multipurpose space you can enjoy. To keep your extra belongings out of the way, but still have 24/7 access to them, store them with us.

Keep your items safe during renovations or moving home

Building works and moving home are known to be one of the most stressful life events. Dust, mess, and damage can all occur to your furniture, but temporarily storing it with us will keep them clean and out of the way of harm’s way.

SME or large business

To keep costs down, consider using self storage to store extra office supplies, old documents or inventory. With our flexible contracts, there is the freedom to size up or down depending on your needs.

Working from home or hybrid working

The way that people are working has changed since the pandemic, and more are doing the hybrid model or fully at home. For productivity, it’s essential to create an environment free from distraction but it can be difficult to find the space. By decluttering an area you can create a home office that is conducive to focusing.

Collectors and hobbyists

Large or bulky collections can take up a huge amount of space and can be inconvenient to keep at home, especially when they are not used in everyday life. With CCTV and 24/7 security, you can keep your precious items in our units and access them whenever you like.


Moving from one country to another is stressful at the best of times, especially when the size of your home will differ compared to your usual residence. Space Next Door can hold all the items that you need to move with you, but don’t have room to keep in your new home. Stree-free, you can book quickly online prior to moving so that it’s all organised by the time you arrive in Singapore.

“Needs in Singapore have changed significantly in the last few years, and our aim at Space Next Door is to create a network of convenient, easily accessible storage facilities for those requiring more space, whether they are businesses or residents. By seeking out the ideal locations we are ensuring that secure and safe storage is within reach to all across the whole island,” Alan Ling, COO, Space Next Door.

Find out more by talking to our team at 06353 9325 or book a unit here.

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