Choosing The Right Self Storage For Your Needs

Learn about reasons for self storage use in Singapore and how to choose the right self storage unit.

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By Space Next Door

There are myriad reasons why Singaporeans use self-storage. From needing storage during home or office renovations to storing business stock overflow to downsizing homes, there are endless uses for self storage that extend far beyond simply having too much stuff and being unwilling to part with it.

When considering self storage, the first thing clients need to do is ask themselves, ‘What kind of storage do I need?’ After defining their needs, they simply need to search for a storage provider that offers just what they require.

Top reasons Singaporeans choose self storage

Home renovations

One of the most common reasons for using self storage in Singapore is as a place to store large items during home construction, renovation or redecoration.

After all, it’s much easier and faster for builders to work in an empty space than spend their precious – and expensive – hours shifting your sofas and sideboards across the room as they work. And with most Singaporeans living in smaller homes, shifting everything to a spare room often isn’t an option.

An added bonus in this scenario is that, when storing your precious items with Space Next Door while you do up your house or apartment, you can ensure nothing will be damaged and your newly revamped home will only be enhanced by your unblemished furnishings.

When storing an entire homes’ worth of furnishings, renters require large spaces, but they often only need to sign a short self storage contract that lasts as long as their renovations.


Decluttering is much more complex than not being able to part with stuff and shifting it into self storage. Numerous health authorities have reported on the anxiety and stress-reducing benefits of paring down the items in your home.

Maybe you have family furniture that you don’t need now but hope to pass on to your children one day, a large book collection that you don’t access daily or seasonal clothing taking up space for most of the year. These are all common uses for self storage.

When decluttering, the storage space needed can vary depending on the size and fragility of the items being stored, but remember that non-delicate items can be stacked up to the ceiling since no one needs to maneuver around them as they would in a home.

Business stock overflow

From exciting online fashion stores that require space to store their collections to regional representatives storing stock for international companies, our self storage spaces can act as mini-warehouses or overflow warehouses for use on an as-needed basis.

After all, it’s much better to store items in an organised way than pile them up in your home or office, where you risk stock damage and an inability to find what you need efficiently.

When storing business stock overflow, your needs may vary from season to season, or even month to month. Towards the beginning of a business quarter, you may have 30 metres of overflow stock, but toward the end of a quarter, that may have dwindled down to far less.

The beauty of self storage with Space Next Door is that we offer flexible sizing, contracts and – best of all – you can upsize or downsize your storage space and extend your rental period online in minutes. We even have have a handy size estimator to take the guess work out of your sizing needs.

What sort of space do you need?

These are just a few of the endless uses for self storage in Singapore.

Finding the right space for your needs can be a first step towards a less-stressed life. Imagine waking up in a home free of clutter or walking into an office that holds only the necessities. Self storage users report that shifting unused items into storage feels like a weight lifted off their minds and shoulders. You deserve that too.

If you’re ready to book, browse our site to choose from detailed descriptions and book online now. If you need more guidance, get in touch with our sales team who can offer advice, quotes and tours of the facilities.

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