Maximising your service yard

Service Yards are usually used for laundry or clutter, but a few changes to this often neglected room can transform it into a usable, practical, stylish space. Read our space-changing tips on how to achieve this!

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By Anabel Ang

Credit: Lemon Fridge Studio

Most HDBs have a service yard, usually a small room at the end of the kitchen that’s often demoted to the role of a washroom and resigned to holding laundry or boxes of unused items. But it can be a handy space that, when fully utilised, can transform your HDB and add functional, stylish space to your home.

Many Singaporeans are now looking at their service yard in a new way and finding ways to turn the extra space into a usable, useful room that serves their lifestyle. We have researched some of the best ways to maximise service yards so you can transform your service yard too!

Remove the wall between your service yard and kitchen

Why not enjoy an extra-large kitchen or have both a wet kitchen and a dry kitchen? Or you could have an elongated multipurpose space. Whatever your idea, tearing down the wall will create a much larger space without the need for an extension. With this type of construction work permission and permits will be required, so reach out to the Housing and Development Board before you start making changes.

Utilise glass and mirrors to create light-loving partitions

You may want to keep the service yard separate from the rest of the space, so with clever use of a glass partition and well-positioned mirrors you can give the illusion of an extended space while maintaining separation. Light from the windows will have access to other rooms and the mirrors will reflect it around the space.

Conceal the clutter!

If you still want to use your service yard for your excess items and other bits and pieces that don’t belong in the rest of the home, there are some stylish ways to hide the clutter and have a service yard you’re proud of. Have cabinets installed in a style that fits your aesthetic - perhaps wood for a more rustic feel or white for a minimalist design.

Include organisational and functional accessories

If you opt to use your service yard for laundry there are some nifty accessories that will make the space more pragmatic without looking ugly. Fold-out ironing boards that are hidden by cupboards and smart laundry racks make the space utilitarian without adding more clutter.

Make it multipurpose

Who says you can only use your service yard for one purpose?! You can mix it up and create a hard-working space that ticks off a few of your needs. You could install a desk for a little study nook, hang plants for an ‘outside’ feel inside, or put up shelves to make a pantry - whatever you might need for your lifestyle there is a solution in your service yard.

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