What’s your decluttering personality type?

We all have a decluttering personality type; some live by minimalist principles, while others enjoy being surrounded by trinkets that remind them of good times. We have some top tips on how to approach decluttering, no matter what your ethos is.

2 years ago   •   2 min read

By Anabel Ang

The procrastinating declutterer

  • Always find reasons not to declutter
  • Laidback lifestyle
  • Likes the ‘lived in’ aesthetic

This personality type usually has a relaxed attitude to life and doesn’t really find value in keeping their space rigidly tidy and organised. This can sometimes leave your space a little cluttered and chaotic, but you find joy in all the memories around you.

Tip: Allocate yourself a regular time each month to sort through a particular area and put some music on to make it less formal and more fun! That way you make decluttering a short but enjoyable moment, and then spend the rest of your time on the things that matter to you!

The spontaneous declutterer

  • A quick cleaning session turns into a whole decluttering spell
  • Throw items and then regrets it afterwards
  • Enjoys the clean feeling but doesn’t enjoy organising

You have an impulsive, fun energy and don’t like to plan ahead too far. But once you have your mind set on something you have a laser-beam focus that can’t be shifted. This intensity sometimes means that you make rash decisions.

Tip: When you’re in the throws of a decluttering blitz, ask yourself if you might need the item again or if it conjures up any emotions; this will stop you from regret later when you wish you hadn’t been quite so strict.

The ruthless declutterer

  • No emotional attachment to items
  • Perfectionist
  • Minimalist home with clean and crisp decor

If decluttering was an olympic sport you would be a gold medalist. Your personality type is merciless when it comes to unnecessary items. Unfortunately, this means that sentimentality goes out the window and you’re left with a space void of your memories.

Tip: Keep a hidden area in your home where you can keep nostalgic possessions without cluttering the rest of the place.

The shuffling declutterer

  • Declutters at the last minute when required
  • Likes to work ‘efficiently’
  • A busy life that doesn’t leave time for regular decluttering

It’s not so much decluttering, as it is ‘redistribution’; your personality type moves your excess items around to give the illusion of more space without actually getting rid of anything. You like to work ‘smart not hard’ and find the shortcuts to make life easier because you have more important things to do.

Tip: Focus on one area at a time and remove unnecessary items

The begrudging declutterer

  • Finds beauty in imperfection
  • Sentimental
  • A maximalist at heart

If you don’t see the point in decluttering and you enjoy being surrounded by everything you have collected throughout the years then you are the begrudging declutterer. To you, decluttering is to remove your sense of style and uniqueness.

Tip: Although you loathe the decluttering process, it's a necessary part of life. Every week, choose five items to throw away, recycle, or upcycle to keep your home manageable without losing your quirky style.

If you have items you don't want to let go of, contact us to find out more about self-storage.

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