Clever ways to cut your bathroom clutter

Bathrooms are a very hardworking part of the home, and sometimes they need a little TLC to become a room that is not only used for functional needs but also a place of tranquillity. We have created a checklist of tips to get your bathroom feeling spacious, uncluttered, and serene.

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By Anabel Ang

Bathrooms can offer an area of serenity in the home, a place you can wash off the day and enjoy some time for yourself. But they’re also a multi-functional room, and with that comes clutter!

From personal care items to grooming products and everything in between, your bathroom holds a whole host of things, and unless you have a lot of built in storage it can soon cause disorder in the room. A bathroom is first and foremost somewhere you carry out all primary functions such as showering or brushing your teeth, but beyond that it is for relaxation and pampering - think face masks, long baths and aromatherapy candles after a long day!

We have devised the definitive list that you can do on your own for how to turn your bathroom into a room where functional and tranquility can co-exist for a multipurpose space.

Sort through your products

This may sound obvious, but you’d be surprised at how many products we keep that are out of date, or multiples of the same thing. Put all of your products into the middle of the room and make two piles - keep and throw. Think about the last time you used something - do you really need it or can it be thrown away to make room for a clutter-free bathroom? If you have multiples, you can empty them all into one container. Don’t forget to recycle any discarded items!

Install shelving

Smart shelving can dramatically increase the storage capacity of your bathroom. All bathrooms are different shapes and sizes, but there is an abundance of styles that can suit your space. Floating shelves work well for those who don’t have much square footage, while ladders are a stylish option for a spare wall. There are also options for over the toilet shelving if you’re really struggling for space.

Use mason jars or pencil holders

Mason jars are perfect for organising items like your toothbrush, makeup brushes, cotton balls or cotton buds. If mason jars don’t fit the aesthetic of your bathroom, you could opt for metallic pencil holders or even small vases. Whatever your style, there are organisational solutions that will add to the overall ambience of your bathroom too.

Pretty toilet paper holders

Toilet paper isn’t pretty, but it’s a necessity! It’s not really economically efficient to buy a single roll at a time, especially for families, so often we buy in bulk. Instead of piling them up next to the toilet in an unsightly TP mound, consider other ways of storing them. Wicker or rattan baskets can bring a rustic aesthetic to your bathroom while hiding the toilet paper rolls. If you’re looking for something more minimalist there are floating metal shelf options or wire frame organisers. For a touch of opulence you could even use a leather box!

Transportable storage

Storage on wheels is the ultimate space saver because you can move it around depending on which part of the bathroom you’re using. They don’t have to be unsightly, there are some great options that will look in place whatever your bathroom design.


While this might sound counterproductive, you can include some accessories like plants or candles to bring some more design elements to the space. There are also many functional accessories that will double up as storage. Marble-style soap dispensers would look very stylish, or a copper towel rack for an unexpected aesthetic twist!

Follow these tips and your bathroom will be your new favourite room to relax in!

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