Declutter on a budget: 10 DIY storage ideas

Wondering how to declutter for less? These 10 DIY storage ideas will help you reuse and recycle unwanted items while organising your home.

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By Anabel Ang

Wondering how to declutter for less? These 10 DIY storage ideas will help you reuse and recycle unwanted items while organising your home.

Add hooks, baskets and shelving inside cupboards

If your cupboards are overflowing, declutter and create additional storage space by:

  • Adding shelves
  • Affixing hooks and hanging baskets to the inside of the doors.
  • Reusing old cardboard boxes or plastic takeout containers as budget storage solutions.
  • Using clothes pegs to keep open packets of food fresh
  • Gluing tennis balls to the door as shoe holders
  • Using magnetic strips to hold knives, belts or hair accessories.

Store bed sheets inside pillowcases

It’s tricky to keep bed sheets neat and tidy. One of the most genius DIY decluttering ideas is to store each bedding set inside a pillowcase. Alternatively, save closet space by storing linens flat beneath your mattress.

Reuse and recycle crates and boxes

Wooden grocery crates can be fixed to walls to create rustic shelving or used as coffee tables with hidden storage space. Old cardboard boxes can also be covered in attractive gift wrap and used as shelving or under-bed storage or strung together as hanging shelving.

Use egg boxes to store Christmas baubles

Christmas decorations can be reused every year, but only if they’re kept in good condition. Use egg boxes to protect delicate baubles and keep them neat and organised while in storage.

Use suitcases as storage

Since you are not likely to use your luggage on a daily basis (or even in the next year – blame the ongoing pandemic), why not use it for storage? Large travel cases are great for storing smaller bags or vacuum-packed seasonal clothing. If you have an attractive vintage suitcase, it can even be used as a coffee table or TV stand at the same time.

Repurpose jam jars

From cutlery holders to vases, there’s no end of ways to repurpose jam jars. One of our favourite budget storage solutions is to affix the lids to the underside of shelves to create unscrewable, hanging storage jars for small items like cotton buds, buttons or sweetener sachets.

Turn cereal boxes into magazine files

To create a homemade paperwork organiser, one of the best DIY storage ideas is to cut the top and side off an old cereal box. Next, cover it with gift wrap, and voila! You have an attractive and functional magazine file.

Hollow out a vintage book for TV remotes

Are your TV remotes constantly scattered across the living room? Not only does this make them difficult to find, it’s also unattractive. Create a hidden home for them by hollowing out a pretty vintage book.

Use a wine rack for towels

If you own an extra wine rack but drink your bottles too fast to keep it full, eliminate your guilt by moving it to the bathroom where it can find a new life as a towel holder.

Organise cables using toilet roll tubes

Cables tend to get unmanageably tangled when stored together in a drawer. Prevent this and declutter by folding each cable inside a toilet roll tube – you can even label them so you don’t forget what they’re for!

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