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There are many benefits in choosing self storage for your business. Don't let your business run out of space when we have all the space you need!

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Is your business looking for storage space in Singapore? You may be a start-up business, an expanding business or an established one that needs a lot of space -  Space Next Door has business storage solutions that will match your needs.

We provide a top-of-the-line service offering the best price. We offer different storage sizes that can safely store documents, file cabinets, goods such as textiles, electronics, or even skincare products. You may book and pay online to avoid the hassle of having to come to our office. To have peace of mind, we offer insurance and your most needed IoT features from 24/7 CCTV to smart access controls. Moreover, we want you to feel that this is your space and you are in control. Pick-up and removal services are at your fingertips - simply book and we’ll be there.

Space Next Door: Your Self Storage Solutions

We want to be your partner to ease you from having to worry about your business storage. You may know an entrepreneur who’s already using business storage units in Singapore. It’s not new, in fact, most business owners do it. Why?

You need to stock up to respond to demand

This works two ways - either you’re new to the business or you’re growing and your home or current storage couldn’t make it. As new to the business, you want to make sure you have stocks of your merchandise; otherwise, customers will keep hearing “We ran out of stock” and this doesn’t produce loyal customers. Another is you’re currently using your home as storage and you’ve cluttered everything. Complaints from your family members arise and you Google where to store your business merchandise.

At Space Next Door, we provide spaces from XXS to XXL, such ranges from 0-16 square feet, and 301-1000 square feet respectively. So you may transfer your piled-up administrative and financial documents, or your bulky chest drawers containing your most sought-after goods.

Business renovations are in the corner

Your products need temporary shelter. We offer short-term rentals as short as a month, weeks, or even as short as 7 days. Our website’s very friendly showing you a calendar on when you schedule to move in and when you schedule to move out quoting the price of each as well. Alternatively, you may opt to clear the date if you don’t follow a certain schedule and simply book a move-out when you must.

Watch out for promotions as well. Currently, we offer the following:

  • Buy 1 year get 4 months free
  • Buy 6 months get 2 months free
  • Buy 3 months get 1 month free

You need a safe business storage

Some documents are for your eyes only. May it be literally just you or your management, it’s not secure to simply leave certain documents at the comforts of your home, or at work. We provide well-guarded and heavily secured spaces that run reliable 24/7 security cameras. The spaces are also well-kept and well-maintained, so you need not worry about wet documents or pest-related bites on your documents.

You manage events

You may be in events management or in marketing with too many promotional materials. Or you may be a stage director or a stage stylist. Managing events requires a lot of props and materials that may be as small as leaflets or as big as marketing booths, as small as stage light, or as heavy as speakers. Business storage will surely add cost to your marketing and advertising budget, or the finances in your events.

You need not worry, we have affordable spaces to offer. Our XXS-sized business storage spaces start at S$1 a month, while our XXL-sized business storage spaces start at S$1193.19 a month - definitely an affordable option with all your needed features.

Contact Us for a Quality Business Storage Experience

Space Next Door provides affordable prices with heavily secured spaces. We offer different sizes that cater to your needs. We also give you the convenience of booking and safely transacting online. Moreso, you have control on your move-in and move-out days and may commit to short-term or long-term rentals. Operate with ease with Space Next Door - your business storage partner in Singapore.

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