How to Store Winter Clothes in Singapore

Just because Singaporeans enjoy hot and humid weather year-round, does not mean we do not have a winter wardrobe. Follow this practical guide on storing your lesser-used winter clothes.

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By Space Next Door

Singapore’s high humidity levels make us want to travel and experience a white Christmas or a frosty vacation. But what happens to all your winter clothes when you get back? We all know winter clothes are all bulky and difficult to store and we wouldn’t want to move our most used clothes for rarely used ones. So here are our tips on proper winter clothes storage.

Wash and Dry your Winter Clothes Completely

Make sure to wash your winter clothes after you arrive from your most precious holiday. Doing such prevents stains from staying and worsening, as well as, sweat and dirt that could ruin the life of your winter clothes. Ensure smells like body odours and perfumes are gone post-washing as they would be more difficult to remove when left unwashed.

Also, remember to properly wash your winter clothes. Most winter wear such as down, wool, and fleece must be washed with cold water. Check washing instructions first before washing them all up. Furthermore, it’s better if your clothes are completely ready for next usage so if there are any repairs that need to be done, have it fixed before storing.

Hang and Fold as Fitting

There are winter clothes that could be folded but there are some that need extra care and must be hung. Sort out your winter clothes and separate what you can store and lay flat from those that need to be hung with good hangers.

Folded winter clothes

Winter knits, sweaters, and scarves could definitely be folded. Before folding make sure to use a dry cloth to clean up your winter clothes. If they aren’t susceptible to changing shape, you may definitely store them with a vacuum pack. You may especially use vacuum packs for those puffer coats.

Make sure to use a vacuum pack and not regular plastic bags to prevent moisture from coming in. Moisture can damage your winter clothes, especially those fabrics that need extreme care. Moreover, we all know how bulky sweaters fold but with a vacuum pack, you save about 50% of storage space. Not only is it space-saving but extremely useful against mildew, insects, odour, and allergens. Alternatively, a fabric storage bag may be used so mould and mildew don’t form up.

Hung winter clothes

Not all winter clothes can be folded, those that may change shape over time when folded need to be hung. For jackets and coats, may they be wool, leather, and faux fur. It would be best to hang them up, make sure everything is zipped and buttoned up before storing. For coats that are made of real animal fur, it’s a must to hang them up.  Don’t forget to use wood or padded hangers for garments that need to be hung.

Remember to remove them all from their dry-cleaning plastic bags and make sure to place them inside canvas garment bags. For more delicate winter clothes make sure to store them using cotton garment bags.

Pack Those Bags and Shoes Properly

Your winter wear, including your shoes, must be stored properly. Place tissue inside to keep the shape of your shoes. Make sure they’re stored in boxes that have ventilation to circulate the air and prevent moisture. For your boots, you may use plastic bins but there must be a pillowcase or an old shirt in between each pair.

For your leather bags, it’s best to stuff your bags with bubble wraps to maintain their shape. Make sure to put them in their dust bags. Alternatively, you may use natural fibre pillowcases to store your winter bags.

Winter Clothes Storage

Your winter clothes are best kept in an air-conditioned room, or a dark and cool room to prevent humidity. Humidity is the cause of moisture that could be the reason for moulds and mildew. Proper storage is needed to maintain your winter clothes in great shape.

We understand that these can all be very bulky and may require a lot of storage space. If such space is not available in your household, it’s best to consider finding winter clothes storage. Space Next Door offers your self storage solutions that could ensure safekeeping your winter clothes at its best.

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